Here Are Some Tips .. From My Therapy Sessions

with vision :  Buy one beautiful flower , Make one space in a room pretty , light a candle and watch the flame , Look at nature around you  , walk in a pretty part of town ,  go out in the night and watch the stars ,Look at beautiful pictures in a book .
With hearing : Listen to beautiful  or soothing music , Pay attention to sounds of nature , Sing your favorite songs , Listen to exciting music ,.
With smell : Use your favorite lotions or perfumes , Put lemon oil on your furniture ,  boil cinnamon , smell roses , walk in a wooded area and mindfully  breathe in the fresh smells of nature .
With Taste : Have a good meal , Put whipped cream on your coffee , suck on a peice of peppermint candy ,  Get a special food you dont normally spend your money on .
With touch : Take a bubble bath , Put clean sheets on the bed , Put creamy lotion on your body , Brush your hair for a long time ,  sink into a really comfortable chair in your home ...
This isnt on the list but one thing i like to do i call " grounding "  i lay flat on my back on the floor and let my body fall into the floor ... Its amazing for your back .  and it feels so good .
 put a cold compress on your forehead .
I hope these help some one .
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This is really great stuff. I'll store them in my brain for the next time I need to get away. Thanks!!