Well, Maybe I'll Finish Reading It But I Doubt I Will Ever Do The Activities.

My wife bought it for me when I was taking a painting class five years ago. It's on the book shelf next to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - which has been there almost 3 times as long and still has not been finished. Drawing might actually have a better chance of being finished - if ever I finish the complete novels of Jane Austen. The complete William Shakespeare does not have a chance LOL.
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Fancy meeting you here!<br />
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Why did you think you were bad? Are you also trying to fininh The Artist's Way? Are you an artist? Or did you come here because of an EP teaser?<br />
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I've been clicking on "My stories" lately and checking the "Views" and I have been surprised that this one, my most recent story has had more views than a couple of others that I would have expected to do better. I guess if it's not about sex or cats the view count will be so low as to make comparisons unreliable.<br />
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I feel like I've been writing gibberish because I like looking at your avatar. I am a sucker for a woman's butt even if it isn't her butt.

Wow and I thought I was bad LOL