Maybe I Will Do The Activities.

Not quite a week ago I saw an EP teaser for "I Will Finish the Artists Way" and I joined the group, added a story (saying I would probably not do the activities) and promptly forgot about it. A couple of days later a friend commented on it and brought it back into my mind (thank you Youzahoe) and so I picked it up and looked at it and read a few pages from the beginning again and got to thinking.
I would like to be artistic. Not striving to say I am an artist but at least I try to be artistic. Not over reaching but more than I'm trying to do now.
I have a number of areas in which I would like to be artistic.
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Writing
  • Model Railroading

The reason I stopped reading The Artist's Way was because I feared it would not go over well with my wife - the time for the morning pages and the artist's dates. And i just gave it all up.

But since my wife passed away last September I have lost that excuse - an excuse it was, not a reason.

Now I have more free time than I really know what to do with. Most of that time I do spend on EP - my writing outlet. My home life makes few demands on me; I have no daily commute nor employment about which to worry. I do have a relationship with MistressP but it actually makes few demands on my time. My other friends on EP make no demands of which to to speak.

So, no excuse.
So tonight I thought about writing this - is it more artistic than I would otherwise have written - no. but just keep writing.
And I thought about a simple experiment in photography, making black & white prints from color images, which I posted here in stories in "I love photography  and in "Addicted to Paint Shop Pro   with more detail and in my profile albums with pictures of the nude female form.

I have a painting I started probably a couple of months ago. It's nothing special, is more of an  exercise following instructions from a book. I need the practice of mixing colors and viscosities and such. but still, when I am done, it should be recognizable.

So I am saying I WILL finish The Artist's Way with the exercises and I will practice doing art.

MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
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Jul 18, 2010