And I Did


So I'm eliminating spelling errors and printing off the manuscript...which is about 700 pages of courier 10 with double spacing... I wonder if my ending was too rushed, I question the final placing of my characters...I will edit and draft and draft again until I have a fully readable product, then the test readers...then the final draft...then I try to sell it.

In the meantime I have a few lists with some decent short story ideas, currently working on one called 'Tenith's Kingdom' which looks promising and ties in with my novel in an interesting way I hadn't expected.

A few weeks without looking at the manuscript, that should be enough to allow me to read it with fresh eyes. Drafting will be a novel experience (Cue drum for comedic effect, or ‘boo’ my pun), I am only an egg as far as writing goes, but ever since I began to take it seriously it has become more then a hobby. I am dead serious about earning a living through my words.

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Thanks :)