And I Did!!

My 2010 year started off HORRIBLE. My best friend since Jr. high school threw our friendship away over a guy who was cheating and beating on her. I stuck with her throughout the whole relationship and when it climaxed into an epic amount of drama, she chose to stay with him; despite everything he put her through, which thus put me through it with her as a caring supporter. That was exactly New Years Eve, of 2009 coming to 2010.

After that I was done. I have too many friends who are like that. I was done being the mother hen and the chaperone to a bunch of grown *** people.
I decided instead of giving of myself, my time, my money, my care, and concern; the people who messed up the year before, would have to earn my friendship this year.
I decided to put my goals first, and helping everyone else with theirs last.

I achieved a lot this year, I am happy with all my accomplishments. I have little to no regrets about this passed year; and I have such a wonderful inner and outer peace’ as I released others issues and focused on my own.

I still helped people when they needed but I was more discerning about who I administered to.

I'm almost done with the degree I’m focusing on, I took care of business for myself and propelled myself away from all the B.S. that my friends surrounded themselves with. I met more ambitious people, and have built healthier relationships.

Instead of worrying about this up coming year like many of my old friends, I look forward to all the new experiences to learn from, and the obstacles to overcome.

I'm happy that i made the decision to focus on myself, in the year 2010.

I look forward to all of the possibilities that are in 2011!

MissVenom MissVenom
22-25, F
Jan 3, 2011