My Heart.........

~ Is my own. I admit that it has lead me astray a few times, well 2 actually. Heehee! But I also know that perhaps the 3rd time will be the charm. Maybe it falls to fast, maybe it even gets a little ahead of itself, but at least I know it never lies, & it feels truly & deeply. My heart is mine, & although we've been hurt in the past, & could very likely be hurt in the future, I will continue to follow it. That's who I am & I'm not going to allow idiots to tell me different or cause me to doubt myself. I live my life with my heart, not my head, & that's what makes me unique & beautiful. ~

Scott, I love you! Whether you ever feel the same, doesn't matter. My love is there for you regardless. It is the one thing you can take to the bank. I don't stray.............ever. It's here & it's yours, always. =) xoxo

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Mar 25, 2009