I Am A Creature Of The Darkness - Working For The Purposes Of Light

I have no fear of the dark.

Neither the physical blinding of sight, or the psychological hurt, depression, or brutality that it can represent. Physical blindness has always been comforting to me. Bright lights make one tense and for me at least slightly depressed. There's nothing to imagine. Only the plain boring truth of reality. . . but in darkness. . . all possibilities are open. So long as you have a measure of control over your imagination - you're fine. The creatures of evil only manifest when you invite them. Besides - this is the darkness where anything is possible, in the dark you have the power to defeat them.

With psychological darkness I'm ashamed to say, it comforts me as well. Or it does when I can help.

I love it when people I love are in pain that I can relieve - and I am there, and I succeed in finding the answer, or soothing the pain. Hey, I even love it when I can make someone in a dark place smile or giggle. . . that is the best feeling in all the world. Once in a while someone who is deep deep in,  will scare me. I begin to fear that I cannot save them. Until I remember that this is the darkness where anything can happen. tears can shape a new and better version of you, cuts can cut off the unnecessary, and wounds can let in the good. I know that so long as I am here they will not die. And that is enough.

I do not try and drag you out of the dark. I try instead to teach you to live here. Sometimes by giving you a candle, sometimes by teaching you to see in the dark. I yearn for someone who is equally comfortable here. Who does not require wounds or tears to pull them in to the depths. Who can revel in the darker things of life - with me. I have found no one like that - so I try and make someone instead. We are in the darkness after all. Anything is possible. I will imagine you and you will be so.

Life is eternal dawn or dusk, Or so says Leondea, we had best learn to live near darkness my love, we had best learn to live in the darkness.

I have always been fascinated with the idea of using darkness against evil. We think of the two as the same but they're not. Dark power facilitates evil, but so can light. They're both merely power, and in the end darkness can be used to destroy evil. I know. And in my knowledge I also know that I can be your light in the darkness, For here anything is possible. In the light I lose my wings. But at night!

I will follow you into the darkness, and you will live.
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I will lead you into the darkness, all you have to do is ask. I try not to show to many people, but you can handle it.