Inside My Girlfriend

I was delighted to see so many faces from the past at our family reuinion barbecue last week. On of those faces that was delighted to see me was that of lovely Delia. I was 18 when 13 year old Delia and her family moved next door to us eight years ago. Then I'd gone away to college, and after college I'd taken a job in another town. Now 21 and a junior in college herself, she was no longer the skinny little teenager I remembered. She'd grown into an incredibly beautiful young woman, and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. It was late in the evening when Delia grabbed my hand and led me behind the garage. She pressed her lips to mine and a kiss that sent the blood rushing through my ****. "Feeling you undressing me with your eyes all day has made me horny", she said. She put her hand on my crotch and felt the hard bulge that she'd created. "Oh" she said, " want you inside me", and led me to the alley where she'd parked her car. In the backseat we threw off our clothes. She straddled my lap. Her scent was intoxicating. Suddenly the moist warmth she raised and lowered herself onto it. I sucked on ther swollen nipples. I grabbed her *** cheeks and matched her rhythm thrust for thrust. "Oh yes!, I am coming" she gasped. All to soon, we both were coming. A stream of her juices and my come flowed onto my balls and the car seat. She gave ma a long, passionate kiss and said she still wanted more, then lowered herself onto my stiffening **** again. But this time she took it up into her tight ***. "Harder, **** my *** harder!" she screamed. With one last thrust my balls exploded, and she shouted " I can feel your hot come in my ***. We rejoined the barbecue and in the evening we still had a lot of *******. Well, we are certainly more than friends now. I will meet her more often, as she is in the university. We will meet in Las Vegas during the break and we will continue our love making.

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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

I had an experience like that with a confident & handsome neighbor boy who was home from College on break when I was sixteen! I would have been undressing him with my eyes except I didn't have to because it was the annual Fourth of July block party so everyone was already nude and hanging out eating Barbecue in my backyard by the pool.<br />
<br />
After we shared a long passionate kiss we both still wanted more so I let him pursue me out to the treehouse in the woods behind my house where I pounced on him properly! And then he pounced on ME!!!<br />
<br />
I had to get back to my duties as hostess but like you, later in the evening we still had a lot of *******!!!