I got my 'scrip for Fukitol recently and it's making a world of difference.  I'm having a lot less stress in my life and I smile instead of scowl.  I've tried numerous anti-depressants such as Wellbutrin and Lamictal but nothing compares to Fukitol in helping you to swallow this world in a tasty pill form.

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Poor kid- he/she'll get some stick for that!

Birdy that is funny. I took a call the other day at work where the child's name was nevaeh--heaven backwards!

LOL, thanks lostbird :-)

Haha well I certainly didn't think of that! Yes thanks Darlene for translating - I was indeed thinking "sod them all"!! There was a house near where we used to live with the name Llamedos....sod-em-all backwards, which is what made me think of it!

Well I guess there's nothing wrong with sodomy either, if that's what you're into LOL

Yes, now that you mention it!! LOL

oh, thanks Darlene, Sodemal sounds too much like sodomy though, LOL

Since you don't speak British PA, I will translate for my British friend who is not on-line...It's pretty much the same thing :-)

I'm not sure what Sodemal is but Fukitol is not really a drug, it's an attitude but we're giving it a name that is like a prescrition drug. ****-it-all........

Is it similar to Sodemal ??

totally, I don't worry about placebo effects...if my mind wants to help me feel less pain I'm okay with that :-)

awesome oregano....I upped my dosage last month and the results speak for themselves....Fukitol is the miracle drug of all miracle drugs.

Fukitol possibly the best medicine in the world... started my prescription last night and it is working a treat! : )

cymbalta works well for me, however, there are 'those' days where i just need something more ... i'll keep it in mind! ;-)

maybe I should try it....

maybe I should try it....

I'm on Lamictal (anti-convulsant/anti-depressant) and Celexa (anti-depressant). Fukitol is definitely the best! Yup! Hahaha, "swallow this world in a tasty pill form." I hear ya!

I must be older than you because In my day we called it darnitall. Maybe this is the extra-strength stuff?