Hi Alabastardragon!

Here's my thing. I was 64 lbs at my lowest weight and was force fed up to 160lbs at a treatment center.  I have lost 30 lbs since then. So now I have about 30 to go.  My weight fluctuates sometimes depending on the amount of water I drink and various other things.  I am a slave to the scale:(  It sucks.  I did set a goal to start working out again on a certain date, but that date came and went.  I kept excuses because I suck. Heehee:)  I'm going to reset that date and do it for real this time!  And I want to start walking too!  I used to do it when I was really sick and the weight just flew off!  Maybe it'll help me get off this forever-long plateau.  I swear this plateau has lasted for a year!  I will be 100 (or under) again!!!!!!

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1 Response Jul 26, 2007

Wait a minute - I was just going to join you on the Alli group, but from reading this, looks like you don't really need to loose weight all that badly!?! Unless you are 3 feet tall. WTF?