Before You Do Implants Try Fenugreek.

now i am trying to induce lactation and one thing that needed to occur was the growth of more breast tissue. most people who know about fenugreek only know about it's galatagouge qualites in producing milk. but it can (not always but mostly) aid the growth of more breast tissue. i am 29 and my weight of 175 on my 5'2" frame is steadywith no weight gain in over 6months i am not on any special diets and the only other thing that i have been taking is the Mother's milk tea which contains blessed thistle wich is also good for growing breast tissue. i am not an expert or anything special but i have within one month time gone from a 38C to a 38DD.
I buy my fenugreek capsules from the GNC, but i have seen them at wal mart as well but i have only seen the mothers milk tea only at GNC but i know that it is sold on line. currently i am not lactating but that wont happen for a while yet. i still have a lot to do. you see just taking these products wont start milk production. but in the mean time my boobs have grown and i spent less than $12.00 for those results.
so yes some day you may get implants and there is nothing wrong with that but we all know how costly this will be and perhaps in the mean time you can try this and see what happends my other story really tracks and explains what i did and what i went through and i personally always wanted bigger boobs but i am too chicken to get implants any kind of medical procedure where they have to put a knife near my body scares me.
so the boobies getting bigger was a nice surprise and i have learned not uncommon for anyone who takes fenugreek and blessed thistle.
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If size is your desire I think that's great, personally I don't think they can ever be to big hon.

I would luv to suckle you when your milk comes in :P

Good for you girl! !!!! Stick with mother nature. Are you looking for a suckle ?

Great story and advice! Thanks for sharing, Have a great day,

38DD....YUMMY !!!

"...big **** wants 2 suckle ur Fenugreek induced Big *******..."

so wish that i was there to suckle - mmmmm

May I see some pic's how they grown, and have the keep their new size ??