Soo if I work out and eat clean, I don't see any difference but I wanna be for
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i wish ya the best.


u r welcome. if u want help let me know. am in the same mood

Are you trying to get fit too?

i was fat and now i have 6pack :)

What?! Haha help me out!

tips and tricks

Yes please:)

I do cardio everyday and I eat clean, along with weight training but.. No change

cardio before and after is a must! clean eating means rise and little quantity of foos. such as chicken 120gr for launch and dinner

I run and jumprope before weights then run after. What's your opinion on supplements

cla before meals. nothing else.


check it. natural supplement that helps u burn fat .

Oh okay:) ummmmm.. And good exercises that will help with tightening up, leg wise?

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