I have done two half marathons but I am not happy with my timings. The first time it took 3 hrs & the second time it took me 2hrs35mins.

I reach my threshold at 14km and the remaining distance just feels like a drag ... I wonder how people manage to do a full marathon & for the moment am certainly not fit to do it. I hope though that I am able to do it some day.
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I wish I could run...I was trying to get fit again going to the gym getting ready for a 5k til a car hit me and busted my knee. Luckily I can now walk again but still having trouble kneeling, jumping, going up and down the stairs & especially running. So, I guess what you could do you should be happy as others like me are not able to do what you did :-)

sorry to hear about your knee injury. I can try finding some good exercises which will help you strengthen that knee so that you can start running again. Give me some time and will come back to you. You will be running again with your determination ..

thank you! appreciate that! I have gone to physical therapy 4x a week and still having issues. I am seeing a massage therapist and working on my lower back issues as well so far it is helping me but its pricey to get a massage every week :(

good that you are seeking therapy. It should help but yes I agree that it can be pricey. You can consider yoga for lower back strengthening and flexibility. I used to get knee pains & back pains when I initially started running so I started yoga as a complementary cross training and it helped to some extent. I only started running about 2 years back and could not even run continuously for 1 km due to my weight . Gradual practice has helped so I am quite sure it would help you too.

yes, I am looking into starting yoga again! I was doing yoga too prior to my accident. I did zumba too as I love to dance but it was too much for my back and knee while recovering from an accident.

well I suppose if you could do Zumba you are already fit & I don't need to give you much motivation coz you are self motivated :)

...I did the Zumba prior to the accident. I haven't gone and tried again...I still get dizzy for a quick turn of my head and I'm afraid I'm not ready for it yet...definitely looking into going back to doing the beginners yoga ^_^

wish you a speedy recovery

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