Not getting healthier, but putting in some effort to staying healthy.

so I'm knocking on the door of my 40's, still pretty fit and healthy, but not likely to stay that way much longer without some effort.

To that end, I've quit smoking, (YAY!) and changed my diet a bit. It's more about what I won't eat than what I do. If it's fresh and unprocessed and doesn't taste like dirt, slime or crap, I'll eat it. Lot more nuts and fresh fruit in my diet. I'm not about to start going to the gym, but I've been parking a block away from things and walking a bit further a bit more often, swimming, riding my bike, the big one is stretching, might have to get into tai chi or something.

been blessed with pretty good health all through my youth, it's something I think I might start actively looking after as I start to get older.
Musical Musical
36-40, M
Jul 18, 2010