They Need To Learn About Bp....

I do not normally let people know I am BP.....I do not want to see the fear of not understanding what it is in their eyes, I do not blame them, but want to change the misconceptions about it, we are not nuts, crazy, or violent...we can be. I am a passive / agressive BP....where I have learned so much about BP, and met so many others with BP, and learning from the man who runs this site...David Oliver....his site is : I highly recommend everyone to check this site out, it is for families, spouses who have it, spouses living with someone who have it.
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I know the feeling. This good book also teaches you the early warning sign to not only recognize them, but to also be proactive in helping yourself in being proactive in controlling them so they don't get out of hand so much. I am honest now about my bipolar. If people want to judge me as Wacky or weird than that's their problem. I don't need judgmental people in my life anyway. Notice judgmental is a MENTAL problem too? A judgment issue usually stems from low self esteem problems. No ones got it all right. Support and ACCEPTANCE is what we need. Try a woman's group. That worked wonders for me. A group of 6 or 7 woman who've been there, done that and completely understand and are just regular people just like us. The hardest part of all, I think, is learning how to be kind and accept ourselves. No excuses not to. Exude confidence and that is what you'll be seen as. Be warm as sunshine, there's no reason to feel shame. I learned this long ago, although some days it's still hard. I'll probably always be an apprentice, but that it fine with me. The very best of luck to you and please feel free to write me. ~ husbandsangel

Another good good book to read, recommended by my therapist is called "the Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide" By David J. Milkowitz, PhD It's an interactive self understanding book that help you understand the different types and components of bipolar. I found it very helpful in that I never knew the manic phase has a lot more to it that meets the eye. I know understand the true extent of how bipolat affect my life and how to tell the early signs and how to prepare . Hard to expain in ust a few words except to say it's a really good insightful book.

Well said and needed saying. Some people know so little about emotional issues as well. A diagnosed mental condition is very hard for some reason for some people to grasp in any way<br />
except as someone who is crazy. If a person finds out been to a mental instltution or see<br />
a doctor for anything to do with a mental condition they are so off track in what they think.<br />
Ironically, some of these very people have issues and are completely unaware of it - much less<br />
ever convinced of their problems. Many people with mental disorders are much more capable than some of those people who consider themselves as normal.

I agree, I know a few people who are bipolar and as you said, they are not nuts, crazy or violent. I wanted to learn more on Bipolar for personal use and I used to receive e-mails for David Oliver. This guy deserves all the credit, he did his job right.