Well My boyfriend is out of the army for good.  He came home!!! he is done with his term and I could not be the happiest person ever.  but there has been more problems that i have had before.  He is in 4 classes in the summer, and he is having back problems, hearing problems and communicating with me has been the hardest.  We still live far away and I just don't get it.  I had this dream that one day we would be so much closer and i would not have to worry about him every day.  He never had to go to deployment but I just don't get it.  is it me.  What should i do I am just not happy.  I have moved to a new place my self and don't have any friends so it is really hard for me.   He is being sent to all these doctors appt. and it worries me he said that it is all about the veterans health insurance.  Can someone please explain it.  I just don't get everything what should i do.  I am crying right now wishing that I could just tell him how i felt but he does not want to hear it at 2 in the morning.   
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write it down. even if he doesn't read it, it will help organize your thoughts. do not forget being in the military is hard. remind him how much you care for him and how much he means to you. He might be afraid to talk to you about how he is feeling. He might feel that he isn't a man if he can't be strong for you. maybe writing a letter to him taht he can read by himself will be a good start to open the lines of communication between the two of you. let him know that you are here for him, and when he is ready you will be waiting for him. don't be afraid of telling him how you feel. you cant help how you feel, either of you. be accepting of what he might say, and ask for acceptance for what you might say. honesty will be a good starting point. i wish you the best and hope this has helped. love is a complicated experience, but well worth the bumps in the road.