From One Marine Wife to Another...

Ladies... a marine wife once told me what it meant to be a military wife, and it has helped me so much, as well as inspire me to be a stronger person inside and out. My husband left only 4 weeks ago for our first deployment; and each day I hang on to the only words that seem to pick me up when I'm about fall..."Only The Strong Survive" 

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My Marine left for his first deployment 5wks ago as well..<br />
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That is so very true! i love it! Thank you

that, & distance makes the heart grow fonder. <br />
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deployments suck!

It is very true and I'm going to have to remember that. My husband and I have been married for only four months. This is his second deployment but the first since we met. And it is extremely hard. He left after only being married a month and has been gone for three months now. We still have four more months to go. And it kills me but we're trying our hardest to be strong for each other and we're getting through it.

It is so true I am a navy wife and they are always on a underway or a deployment so I know what it is not to see yr husband never lol but just keep the faith and keep loving yr soilder!!! Peace