Still Strong :)

My Airman left November and yes this is my first time experiencing this. He will be coming home June and I cant believe its only two months away! I still remember the day he left and how uncertain I felt about whether or not I was able to last a month and to my surprise I have done so well. I know there are many ladies out there who are barely experiencing their first deployment and I am sure they are scared ( I mean who isnt?), but to be honest, as long as there is true love in the relationship and commitment things will run smoothly. If anyone is wondering how to make time go "faster", always stay busy. For example, I enrolled in college for spring semester and I was happy to know that the semester would last 4.5 months, which is pretty much the time I have to wait till my Airman comes home :)
I aslo decided to start working out 1 hour every other day and Im happy to say I have lost 5 lbs :)
Now Im shopping for new clothes and I feel great!
Most importantly, have your support of friends or family who have gone thrthis because personally I dont think you can get help from a civilian relationship. I dont know? I guess they wouldnt fully understand? I dont know thats just me.
Anyway, good luck ladies! And always remember, you are strong! Dont let anybody tell you different because in the end you are the one who matters most to him :)
MartinJRsGirlfriend MartinJRsGirlfriend
22-25, F
Apr 2, 2012