The First Deployment.

Today marks 394 more days to go in my boyfriends 400 days deployment to Afghanistan. It is truly the most difficult thing I have ever put myself through, but I keep telling myself I will get through this not for me but for him. He needs me to stay strong on the home front, but its hard. I feel like I am missing apart of myself now that he is gone, and even though I watched the plane take off it still hasn't hit me that this is the real deal and not just Army training. I guess I am still in the denial stage that it is not really happening, but once I realize everything then I will now that it is real. I keep asking myself if I can get through this and I keep telling myself that I can. I love him more than anything else in the world and I don't want to let go. Even though I cry when I hear his voice on the other line I just have relief that I know that he is safe and sound. This deployment will not get me down because I made a promise to him that I would stay focused with school and that I would make him proud just like he makes me proud. I will survive this deployment!
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The beginning is the worst part! Honest. I'm going through my first with my boyfriend right now, and we're finally almost halfway through. At the beginning though, I was struggling emmensly with it. You'll settle into a routine and it becomes better to deal with. Not easy, but easier. Message me if you need anyone to talk to!

i just wish i knew around how many days it would be. he first told me 400 days and now 365 days ughh i dont think he really knows, but right now i am hoping is just the 365 days instead of the 400

Yea, I understand that. Nothing with the military is ever certain though. It will constantly be changing. Try not to get too set on any day you are told. It sucks. But it is what it is. Hopefully it will e 365 though!!

Awh this really was wonderful and best of luck to you, if you believe and know you can do it you'll be able to! my bf leaves for a 7 month deployment next week its not as long as yours but its still so hard ! best of luck to you!

best of luck to you as we. is difficult but he had me crying bc he believes that we are gong to make it and he is just so wonderful. i don't know what i would do without him in my life.

Yes I feel the same way!