I Want My Marine to Be Here

But he isn't here, he is there and there doesn't know how lucky it is. I sleep with my phone in my hand waiting, praying for the next 15 minute phone call, I run to the mail after work to see if there is another letter yet and cry when there isn't. I check my email at least 100 times a day and I wake up in the middle of the night thinking he is still there. But the worst part is waking up and knowing today wont be any different that I will be just as lonely today as I was yesterday. But I take comfort in the fact that he is doing something greater than I will ever be able to do, he is helping to make this world a better place to live in. So I will be strong and put on my happy face and count the days until he will be home and all will be right with my world again.

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i have done the same thing as you with my husbands last deployment, and i feel for you dirl. its so tough making it through everyday. my phone is permantly infront of my face, making sure i have full survice at all times. i have cried at the mall box, woken up from a bad dream and rolling over for his comfornt only to remeber he is gone. it is thehardest thing ever for me and i am soooo afraid to do it again. he leaves in less than 3 weeks and im already missing him. i hate being away from him and i worry myself sick.<br />
i pray for you and your husband and completely understand what your feeling. if you want to chat ever, message me on here. i live here in oceanside as well

Thanks! I do go out, once a week my bestfriend and I go line dancing! It is a lot of fun!

Deployments are so difficult, especially when you're so use to that person being around you. My fiance has been gone since September and I still wake up thinking he's right next to me. You can do this though, promise. I was lonely for such a long time until my best friend dragged me out for a girls night and it really helped. Hang out with people you love because they will always make you feel better and stay busy. I always sleep right next to my phone, I'm pretty sure every military girlfriend does. lol. Hang in there, things will get better. (:

EP has really been an amazing thing for me to occupy my time and talk to real people who actually care and for that I am really grateful.

I'm so sorry you're lonely. I can't imagine how it feels to be in your situation; I watched my sister-in-law go through it with her husband, and it broke my heart as well as gave me a new respect for what a strong woman she is.<br />
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I know it's nowhere near the same, but we're here anytime you need some company. I, and so many others, are very grateful to your sweetie and everyone like him, for their service. I hope he has a safe return home soon.