Today I had a convo with a lovely young lady in the same boat as me and my Marine in more ways then one and it turned my "Rough day" back in to a great day. Today is day 20 of our Kuwait deployment. Leaving 183days to go. Long story short. My hectic day of prepping my son for school wasn't a task that I saw me doing alone. Under the circumstances I'm fine with it, but face timing him showing everything that I've done so far isn't the same as him helping me along the way. When I got the message I had just got done separating my sons school supplies. Hanging his uniform Attire and so on and so forth. I'm not going to going to detail about what our conversation was about all I know is for some reason it gave me that much more peace of mind on mine and my Marines situation. Every square inch of the house reminds me of my Marine. I am constantly in motion for the fact that I don't want to sit down and look around picturing memories of him everywhere in the house. Yes it brings me so much joy but at the same time sorrow. I can't wait to tackle the upcoming months together. I have been up for well passed 48 hours for the fact that we haven't really got on a schedule since he just got to Bahrain and because we haven't really talked other then today on FT. My mind is in Constant thought. But tonight should be a great night for the fact that we did talk and the conversation we had was amazing. Me and my son just got ready for bed and he asked if we could pray together tonight. Of course I said yes and the words that came out of his mouth shocked me beyond believe. He prayed for our Marine to come home safe to be able to play with him and to love him. When my son said that I stopped and stared in silence for the fact when we had our conversation on FaceTime earlier today... My son and my marine exchanged words I've never heard them say before ... It was their first I love use and I miss you. ❤️. Cpl.Andrew holds my heart on a base in Bahrain. I know not to worry because who better to protect it along with Americans freedom.

#fight the distance.
angelbaby187 angelbaby187
22-25, F
Aug 16, 2014