I'm so worried about everything.. Including Cj breaking up with me even though he's given me no signs that he is. His emails are still extremely cute and loving and so are his phone calls.. Am I just freaking out because he's coming home in 26 days? Helppp! ): 

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Thanks everyone, I am feeling much better about his homecoming! (:

It's totally normal to feel that way. But remember, try not to let your emotions get the best of you. think as positively as possible, thinking negatively can create problems that may not even exist. remember patience patience patience

i'll agree with the above, you have nothing to worry about. I don't understand that about deployment. The solders are out there doing only the things they were trained for. If they have to worry about the things at home a lot it hinders the performance of there work. But if they believe the family or Gf is doing ok, they can keep there minds at ease and shoot the bastard trying to kick there ***.

Have you read how many girls are out here on EP with the opposite problem? They've devoted all this time, made all the sacrifices and now after promises of devotion from their soldiers they are inexplicably hearing that their men don't feel for them anymore. I read devastation from women out here everyday, and they'd give anything to trade places with you, to have those loving phone calls and cute emails. <br />
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Or am I missing the point and you have read all the stories and are prematurely and most likely unnecessarily worried about losing him? Sounds to me like he can't wait to see you and any one of us would love to be able to say our man is coming home in less than a month.<br />
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Someone once said to me, "Stop crying before you get hurt." You should be beyond excited counting down the days. I obviously don't "get" this whole picture, but sounds to me like you have nothing to worry about. The opposite of fear is faith. Have some and relax!<br />
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Will look forward to a reunion story out of you!