I Made It Through This Deployment

I got through it, did our relationship? well that's another story. it seemed to have, he only had a 96 so i don't know if that is a valid time to measure things. He seems all over the place and overwhelmed. He wants to spend time with me but with the guys at the same time and honestly it gets a little irritating. We really need one on one time and we didn't get much of that before he left and now, which i know i expected. He did warn me of this before he came home, asked me to be patient the first 3 days and after that it will all smooth out, and were gonna be fine. Does he still think that? Everytime something goes wrong my imagination goes to the worst case scenario -breakup. I am just frustrated right now, finding out how much he liked being in iraq and all the time that i spent crying, missing him and worrying, IT REALLY HURTS. HIs mom was telling me to be patient, and that he'll be much better when he goes on leave. What if it isn't? I know it does no good to say what if, maybe i do need to be patient, but i felt like that's all i've been doing for 7 months, and i need you to make up for all those times i needed you there to hold me. I'm pretty much in tears right now.

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

Bless, All men that have just went to war are going to react differently. Give it time. They don't allways come back the way they left. it takes 4-6weeks to get things back to normal. I know its hard waiting but you have already waited for so long. Whats a little more waiting. Just let him know your here and you love him.x