Okay so I'm kinda new 2 this whole EP thing...but my husband & I have been married since Sept. of '08 we've known each other since like Oh God elementary school.We have an 8 mth old son and we've been stationed in NC @ the Cherry Point Base. I've been here since  Nov. & sadly I only honestly know ONE person just recently my hubbs left on a yr. deployment & the past 2 wks. have been HELL simply cuz I dnt know ne1 I joined this deployment support group so hopefully that falls through I talk 2 him everyday through phone or email but it just not the same!!..Hopefully this yr. goes by fast though..I know i'll be fine though as soon as I'm able 2 meet some people & stuff=)

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I understand my husband is gone for his first deployment and mines to lol! ( with him that is) I miss him dearly, but I dnt really get along with the other army wives here in Natchez so if you wanna chat I will be here.