Only For You

If you want my complete surrender, you must capture my mind, body, heart and soul.

When you do this, you will own me. I will live to please you, your needs will become my needs and my needs will be placed in your hands.

When you own me, I will see only you, no matter how many other men are around. My eyes will always seek you out.

A look, a touch from you and I will come to you. I need to take care of you, see to your health and comfort. I find my fulfillment in seeing to your wants and needs.

I do not give my surrender lightly. I have to trust whom I give it to. I will follow wherever you lead. I want only to support and honor and help you in whatever endeavors you dream of doing.

I am not a doormat, I do know how to say no, and will do so if it is important to me. In turn, I will explain myself so you may understand.

I love to give of myself to others, but it is most important to me that I give of myself to you.

Surrender is not all about sex, it is about trusting you with my heart and soul. Trusting that you will not abuse it, break it or throw it away. And most important that we are honest with each other, always. 

I seek your touch, your approval, your need for me and your trust. I need you to allow me to see to all your needs and to trust me enough to tell me what they are. Making you happy and satisfied does the same for me.

My surrender cannot be given to just anyone, my heart, body and soul must recognize who they want and need. It is not really a choice. I will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame. 

To me, you are perfect as you are. I understand your insecurities as well and seek to strengthen them. We are friends as well as lovers. I revel in your strength. I love to curl in your arms, they keep me safe and secure as no one else does.

I believe in you, what you stand for and who you are. I would be proud to stand behind you, beside you and with you. 

Surrendering is not a weakness. It is a hard thing to do, to trust another with all that we are. It is a gift, that I give to you.
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So beautifully expressed.

I love.. the words! the passion! the intense & unwavering emotion! the deep desire to completely commit to submission of your man's desires, so sensual, erotic and complete.. be my lover & my muse.. my complete & udder joy in life! submit.. as you know you must.. but willingly & for passion's sake.. for love's greatest desire.. be mine!

I like my lover and my muse:)

yes my love... the more to passion you submit..
the hotter desires flame..

I think maybe I like to burn...

my heart's desire.. is too consume you with passions flame

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that is what I am looking for. Your words speaks volumes for those of us who are listening
Very eloquent

I have always expressed to subs that they are actually the ones in control, without a good sub who lays down the rules the dom has no guidance

I told my sub that her submission to me is a gift that should be treasured and valued. To beat a sub is abuse and that's not what a Dom/sub relationship is about. It is about the sub giving into the desires and needs of her Dom. It is the Dom taking cared of his sub's needs. And both care very much for the other and wants to make each other happy....abet in different ways. The sub still belongs to the Dom and the Dom will still control and punish the sub should she misbehaves. :)

There is such a fine line there. And very difficult to find someone you can trust.

Yah, there is. Beating someone out of anger is wrong. Spanking someone....totally different story. :)

Most of us like a sweet spanking once in a while:)

Yes. She gets wet just thinking about getting spanked.

LOL....I understand that...anticipation notches things up a bit

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Wow. That's a perfect response to anyone who wants to be your Dom. I love it!

LOL...I know. Not bad for someone who does not have a Dom:)

I'm sure there are people who would want to be your Dom after this declaration. ;)

This one has touched my spirit *sigh* so beautiful I'm trying to find the words to describe where it takes me but they are illusive, your romantic soul is glowing love and so is mine, I love this ...

I try to keep it squashed own, hidden. Every now and again it insists on coming out and making a statement:)

I love this. If only I felt capable of surrender. I just always seemed to need to test to see if than line was still there.. and it always was. Maybe one day I wouldn't have needed to test anymore.

I have only ever been able to surrender to one man. Testing limits is a specialty most of us do have! LOL

excellent way of expression, i felt it as if i am talking to my love

Are you a woman? time I checked I had all the right parts. Are you a man?

And THAT is how to make love!!! When you and your partner are one in mind, spirit and soul.....

once again very nice and I like the last line


Thank you

That was beautifully written...
and very thought provoking for me...
Rather than focus being on "power"
dom/ spoke to me about
the joy of fully giving of yourself
in the context of a loving, trusting relationship.
I will be chewin on this one awhile...
joyinthejourney, clg

I don't see the power, I see the need for each other...the need to give and be taken, wanted and needed. I need to be needed:)

Wow, That was one of the most wonderful stories I have ever read, and put so elegantly!
Your words of being submissive tells of its true nature. very well done! What a beautiful heart and soul you must have. You have impressed me deeply! Can you friend me, I would love to be friends with such a fine Lady! XOX


Wow!!! Awesome, MDL! Just awesome... :-)

LOL...Thank you...I do have my moments.

I never doubted you! Any one that can still fit down a rabbit hole... ;-)

hahaha...funny funny..I built that rabbit hole....I had better fit down it!

LMAO true... it was definitely built to specs. ;-)

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Wow. That was amazing. Your words touched me. I realy don't know what else to say. You are clearly a very special person. X


This has MOVED me... you are incitefull and i am proud to call you friend.

Hugs. I am proud to call you friend too:)


wow,that touched my heart.that was awsome.someone to understand me,i feel i dont have anyone to stand with me,travel with me,and just be.sometimes i like to day dream and not say a not mad,just thinking.the work that i do is like a dream.i started young.i have had lots of people trying to knock me off,phyically and spiritually.but the great spirit has deemed me a crusader,aguard for humanity.ive excepted the task,i will every bit of energy and life force to protect against evil.sometimes it gets lonely up here,in my head.there are a lot of things floating around in there unable to tell,no one to there anyone like me.if i was sickened by something un-natural or not from this there anyone out there who could come to my rescue!CREATOR WILL SHOW.

Respectfully appreciated

What you offer is a tremendous gift. I hope whoever is given this gift treats it with respect and appreciates it's worth

Thank you..I love finding a man I can be this way with.

Stop looking, he will find you. That is the magic of the universe

Maybe he will

No maybe

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Well written and beautifully thought. Thank you.

THIS.............,this is pleasing. I aprove.

Why thank you. I have to get it right sooner or later:)

beautiful and eloquent....just amazing *warm smile*