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This group needs a new logo but, til i can get over my laziness and mental hiatus it shall stay as is.

Now my children, tell me your issues and i shall give you useless advice. Unless of course im too drunk to type.

*WARNING: I cant be held responsible for useless advice given.
EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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OK... I need advice. I have the most ridiculous crush on a married man who probably couldn't care less - if he is aware of my existence at all. Yup, I have the emotional maturity of a 13-year-old sometimes! <br />
(Please advise me to snog him next time I see him. Or don't. Erm.)

Sober Dr. Ediez Bastage advises that you do not snog this man but, snog Ediez instead.
Drunketh Dr. Bastage Ediez advises..... same as above.

*snogs Ediez* You give very good advice, drunk or sober. I did not snog him. I did send the band a long, waffly email about how awesome I think they are, though (minus the fact that I fancy the pants off Tom. lol)

Civili, derdago. Fortibus es inero. Novili, deus trux. Vadis inem? Causen dux!

dear Edie Lust (hehe I did think that was your name when I first saw it. lol) <br />
<br />
I have two problems....<br />
<br />
1) My freaking knee is constantly itching and I can't make it stop!!! help Oops that should have been twitching not freaking itching.<br />
<br />
2) I am so tired of dirty men asking to see my camel toe here so I am considering having a camel tattooed on my toe so that I can take pix of it. Do you think it would be worth it to stick it to the pervs or not? Thanks for your help... <br />
<br />
Signed, <br />
<br />
Little Camel Hump! (notice there is no "er" on the end of this... i ain't into the freaky stuffs so none of you freaks ask me. :)

1) for the knee- less coffee more vodka. whether its itchy or twitchy
2) brilliant idea on the tat. However, i fear you'll get the toe fetishist after you post that pic.

LMBO. Vodka I can do. hehe thanks for the advice on the toe. I don't need no toe fetishers either. That would require too much work. heck I already have a pedicure every two weeks and if someone is gonna be sucking on them I would have to do that crap every day so no thanks.

yes, damn those toe fetishers. cant ride the subway in sandals without having my feet lurked upon.

I need advice. I'm really horny. What should I do?

Get me a pizza.

lmfao Suzy

Kosher? Bacon? Or no?

bacon please

I'm on it.

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um my issue im hungry

go make some eggs and bacon. And while you're at it, serve me a plate

ok u want some gravy to??

mmm yes!


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i'm noht a "childrens" and i'll be giving you advice *preps for note taking"

*makes note of your notes*

here is some useless advice... *takes notes on the buhg, taking notes on the true note taker*

*takes notes of the note taker taken notes of the bugh taken notes on the note taker*

takes notes on the new note taker, taking notes on the real note taker, thats taking note on the bugh and new note taker*

takes notes of the note taker taken notes of the new note taker taken notes of the note taken notes of bugh taken notes on the note taker

i call W!

double that W!! im gonna freak the **** out!

ive got a headache! D:

*hands over aspirins* same here, this is some serious ******* business.

*downs aspirin and beer* NOM NOMZ

if you didnt call that sacred "W" for me, i could of went forever.. thank you so ******* much buhg. store run time!

=o what u getting at the store?!

i got what i need, juss needed cigs. *takes shot* =D

oh dear..........we're in for a long day!

fo sho! *hands ovuh cakes* =D

lol weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

lmfao! don't over drink today buhg, you know imma yell at you latuh.. in a kind fashion of course. =D

i will yell back! it wont make sense but yeah!

like im gonna make that much more sense.. imma end up drooling on my phone im sure lmfao.

thats the usual!

gimme my bib please lmfao!

*hands you bib* lets do this

omgahhhhh! *puts bib on*


dude...and dudette....

take it to a room for fekks sake....gah!!!! LOL

what room? there is a room for arguing and such here? *takes notes*

room? no, no! i like having it all out in the open *slaps Doxtah and kisses Minx* ....im so drunk

yea im drunk as hell also, but im noht retarded.

dont lie. you're totally tarded. stop the spittle

buhg stfu, like you don't like ones retarded spittles. lmfao!

i only like spittles when i have a raincoat......

*quintuple face palm* god damn sweets. you are noht as good at this game as i though. i still give you alot of props though. ;D

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