Non Smokers

If you dont smoke cigs then dont sit next to people that do smoke cigs- especially, when said smoker is on their cig break.


I sit in the area where smoking is allowed (because the mayor has decided that i cant smoke near the building, i have to smoke away from the building).

If im sitting in said area and YOU decide to sit a little over 12 feet away from me- why would you sit there glaring at me while covering your nose?

More importantly, why would you think that you glaring while i puff is more important than the text message I'm responding to? Why is it more important than me enjoying my 15 minutes of break away from the Corporate Slavery i endure day to day, just because you decided it is the very same spot you want to read your book at?

*****, you dont even work in the building. You came to the building where I work at to read. PLUS, i was sitting there first. Why would you think that I'm gonna put out my cig and/or move from my spot just because the smoke is bothering you?

ADVICE: Back off. Do NOT attempt to tell a smoker they cant smoke in a designated smoking spot just because it bothers you. Its a smoking spot for a reason.

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I'm an ex smoker, I have nothing against people who smoke in designated smoking areas but I will be pissed if someone is stood outside a shopping entrance when I have to walk past with my children. It's your choice if you want to expose yourself to cigarettes but it's not my childs.

Do >not< get pissed at the smoker if there isn't a no smoking sign, if it isn't designated as a non smoking area appeal to the store to make it a non smoking area.

thats like saying you're gonna keep your kids indoors due to smokers that just may walk pass you. You cant get upset at a smoker thats smoking in an area where smoking is allowed.

Exactly. Proper course of action. Convince the establishment to create non smoking zones if your are that concerned about it. But i seriously doubt one whiff of a very negligible amount of second hand smoke while just passing by is going to do any damage.

I love the transition from slightly less than polite to :<br />
"***** you don't even work in the building"<br />
<br />
Love this ...i shall post it in smoking areas across the country.....


If only that biatch had covered both her nose and her mouth...for a really long time..;)


Im not a smoker, but YOU cud NOT have NAILD that point ANY better!


DeNada! ..MiAmore! ( I think, little spanish, not much, ..can SAY it better than I can SPELL it )

lol that worked just fine! =)

Thank u love! €:-P

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It p's me off so much when people do that!!! You dont like my smoke, fine I dont like your attitude, fck off!!!!

EXACTLY!!!!! uggggh we must unite! damn the non smokers and their stupid rules

You should try the electronic cigs .. liquid vaporised nictotine 10 x stronger than cigarretes and are 99.99 % non toxic. I smoke them 24/7 as long as I want and wherever I want even in work, bars and restaurants. Now on 3rd year totally free of tobacco with $12,000 saved and banked. They look cool to :)

ive actually got electronic cigs. and i gotta admit- they do look cool. lol

Get LOST creep!

Yep and in UK you get to go on the terrorist watch list ... makes a trip to the Mall quite an adventure :)

*coughs* ur smoking is bothering me move away plse lol


well hell if ur gonna smoke next to me then im goin to dip and spit next to u

Plus second hand smoke ALWAYS, ALWAYS drifts toward non-smokers LOL it's their fault law of attractions. Smoker 1 - Non-Smoker -1......

Yup. You gotta fight for your right !

to parrrrtyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I have no problem with smokers and non smokers as long as they are considerate. Asthma is an issue for some but i guess the arguement of consideration can go both ways... play nice

i always play nice......almost always

Absolutely right! Damn non smokers. I would've moved closer to her just to get her pissed and make her leave.

i was so tempted

You expressed yourself very well. That would irk me too. I would let you enjoy your smoke in your designated area. However, don't let people offend you so easily. Learn to put offenses away from you like you would a smelly garment. I find that it works. Say "I put that offense away from me and it will not bother me", then don't think on it again. This works 95% of the time. Give it a try. ;)

oh trust me, im not offended easily. =)

Well it's true that smoking is a way to kill yourself. A slow death. So it's ok I guess if you are in no particular hurry

no hurry whatsoever. I have people to annoy so, i'll take my time killing myself off

I agree. I was sitting in the smoking car on the shinkansen and some dork old guy tried to tell me I couldn't smoke there. Little did he know I could speak Japanese and told him that if he didn't like smoke he shouldn't be sitting in the only smoking car on the entire train. He shut up after that.

good for you! some non smokers are out of control!

one rate up isn't enough

smokers unite!

You tell 'em, Ediez!!! *laughs delightedly amd gives you a (((((((great big hug)))))))*


duhh... i dont like when people drink beer but i pass all my time in a tavern .sarcasm. same thing ..... some non smoker are idiot. i said some. what i mean is if i dont want to see you defecate i would'nt go next to you in the bathroom.... sorry but i feel the same than most people here . hangry and tired (pissed ouff) poeple telling me ''cigarette can kill you'' Remember can kill you too !!!


*glares at Ediez* - *fans imaginary smoke away* - *glares again* - *fakes a cough* - *glares* O_O

*blows smoke in your face*

*puffs* awwww Towner! you're so generous.

I hope you die of lung cancer. *walks away in disgust*

*walks back out, sticks two fingers up* - *walks away again*

Scorpiooooooooooooooooooooooo =(


*blows raspberry at you*

*takes cigarette out of Ediez hand and throws it on the floor* - *plants a big wet one on Ediez lips* - *hugs* (Roger voice) - It's only because I care Ediez. Don't you get that? Because I care... *tear streams down his cheek*

*glares* .......*wipes your tears* I know....i know....

:-) I'm glad you know that.

*hugs* =)

I don't know why you do your smiley face like that. It doesn't look like anything remotely close to a the face of a human being. Look at my smiley faces. See how realistic they are? Its got eyes, a nose and everything. Give me enough time and you'll even be able to tell if its a man or woman.

i like having my smileys with no nose!

Really? I wonder what that says about you and your subconscious. You are very kinky Ediez. Lord knows what else goes on in that pretty little head of yours. Very kinky indeed.

I've never been a smoker (of tobacco, anyway) but just for this occasion, I think I'll join you. *glares at Scorpio1987*

kinky? Sugar, was i being kinky just now? wtf? im so confused. Scorpio, pm me and explain.


Oh so it's like that huh sugar? Hahaaa.. I'm about to go Denzel Washington in Training Day on yo *****. Alright... Alright... I will pm you soon Ediez. But I'm driving right now so you'll have to wait. Sugar? I see you... I see you...


mmmm Denzel.............

Mmmm Ediez.................

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Well said. Its usually ex-smokers that are the worst, they get all snooty and think that all other smokers owe them something because they chose to and were able to quit. Hey, you made your decision to stay away from cigarettes so do just that and STAY away from cigarettes and that includes smokers who are smoking!

OMG you're so right! At work someone actually told me "you should put your cigs where no one can see them". wtf? why was she even looking at my purse? my pack of cigs is always kept in my handbag.

if you had any manners you'd have offered to stick them up her arse then

LOL hot damn Damsel!

because Fresh air is free, and WE pay TAX (and a hell of alot of taxes) for the RIGHT to smoke


See I avoid cigarettes like the plague because my asthma is triggered by them. I don't go into smoking areas at all. One would think I would be anti smoking but even though I hate when someone is smoking at the entrance of a building I honestly do respect the rights of smokers to smoke as long as they do it in designated areas. If non smokers enter those areas they have no right to complain.

especially since SHE DIDNT EVEN WORK IN THE BLDG. omg she just annoyed me to no end

I wish death sticks would give life rather than take it. That would be a perfect world.

yes, yes it would.

cool yo, i juss ummm.... learned something i tell people all the time. *gives you gold star* =D

well thank you Mr. Sarcasm

me sarcastic? impossible.

ohhh what was i thinking? sarcasm doesnt exist on ep

is that sarcasm i'm reading?... nahhhh, you are noth that bright ;D lmfao!

lmao feck u Charmy

*hands you cakes* thanks for letting anons feed on my soul and leaving me to die pfffft!

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Maybe it had nothing to do with your smoking ... Maybe she had horrible gas ... Would explain why she was covering her nose, sitting down wind and hanging around a building she didn't work at

maybe. i love how you always think positive. lol

Poor thing ...that look was likely a silent scream for help... Gives new meaning to giving someone the stink eye

i shall carry air freshner the next time

Pepto Bismo emergency kit!

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