Sober Time

When your lush fests are endless nights that look like this- its time to quit:

Yay for boobies!
EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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Yep. Been there... It's good for you though. It gives you, uhh. It helps you, uhh.<br />
Well, it's good to live it the moment sometimes. ;)

Haha ironically I once had Taylor momsen hair extensions because I liked her hair....from pic from this video ... Didn't last long ...Courtney Love did not approve

i love her hair

I did too that's why I bought it and had it attached to my head... But there is no party life with that hair .... Its flammable and tangled if not braided and protected from friction caused when ummmm babymakin

ohhh the babeh makin.....

I never got my baps out or got any tatoos whilst on the lash, does this mean I stopped prematurely???

you didnt? jeebus!

I know! I was a sensible drinker, I always stopped drinking once I passed out!

im the opposite. No passing out til i got home. So spent many nights showing my boobies off to strangers, making out with strangers and there was that one time i was high and drunk and got a smurf tattooed on my back......good times

I was never drunk enough whilst the tattoo parlour was open, so that and a fear of needles saved me! I've never been a flasher though, well not on purpose, there was one time I was wearing a minidress and fell of a bench at a barbecue but as luck would have it I was wearing knickers. I never passed out whilst out either, my mate did regularly and we forgot her once, she was still asleep in the pub when the cleaners got there in the morning!!!

LMAO! i had a friend like that. She'd pass out ANYWHERE! And heaven forbid if it was your turn to try to wake her. She was a pissy lil thing.

You know the type! She find a quiet corner and be out like a light, we didn't deliberately leave her honest!

lol its fine- we'd leave my friend ALLLLL the time! not our fault at all

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