Attention Men

Do not under any circumstances write anything remotely close to this:

funkymonkey2024 said:
Hey there! I'm looking for girls with common interests. I'm a 22yo university student, and consider myself a handsome guy. I love to have naughty Skype sessions and would surely enjoy doing that with you, Do you have a skype account?.

Not smooth. Not charming. Not cute. Not funny.
EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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14 Responses Jul 30, 2012

You're just pissed he didn't have his law degree yet. Being around sexy lawyers all day has really jaded you my dear.

They know how to charm eh? My favourite was the one who went down the liking 'mature ladies' route. Ummm. Didnt really score some free **** with that, surprisingly..... humph.... is 38 mature....? I suppose to a 18 (??) year old it is


da **** is this guy on?

................*shakes head* no clue Cappy. This guy is obviously on stronger vodka than me

Hah . Some people are desperate .

Translate: I am raging with hormones and want to wak off whilst watching you on cam; even though I don't know you.<br />
<br />

i know. made me swoon

***** off, even.

I bet you can't wait to get naughty on cam for this intriguing and charming young man.

oh yeah, im all moist thinkin of it lol

I can barely contain my excitement. Can we do a Skype *********?

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What if I sent you that message? Would you naughty skype with me??

Feisty, you do know that you're like my female crush, right? id do tons of things with you.

Oh hogwash! LOL

im so serious! lol

I think my hears are seriosuly burning from blushing

or my ears...

lmao *hugs* you're so cute

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I fail to see the problem..Homey gots game for days!

I know right? how dare i not fall for him

lol...he's obviously a catch..he says how handsome he is...i'm mean,****! whats a guy gotta do??

he couldve thrown in some humor. Or at the very least saved the Skype sexy talk for later.

I can see how being forward on the interwebs would creep women

i wasnt creeped out. Just shocked that he would copy and paste the same damn message he has sent to other women. lol

Oh hell...i didnt know that! Homey has zero game...and he's lazy!!

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It looks like a thing he cuts and pastes to multiple offense chica

oh im sure of it. lol

you are a man magnet woman!

i think its the Snow White outfit

I ..don't understand! Maybe the word **** gets them going..It takes so little with men...

men are so easy.

Sleazy peasy Japanesy
:::polishes sword:::

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damn he should atleast offer u dinner!!!

before asking to skype

or a beer! the bastard

hell i woulda last night

I got one of these the other day....I wonder if he has any success at all with this idiotic nonsense

im sure he does. probably with other men tho

attention ****** *cough* you also buhg. "lemme juss post something cause i know everyone will be on it" lmfao.

hmmmm sounds familiar, noh? get your pissy self off of my thread!

noht pissy i'm truthful ;D and i could argue it ALLL DAY. even on my half, you got evidence? i got a novel. lmfao.

*sits and watches* well this is better than a soap opera

i'm giving her **** cause thats what i do, this is noh soap opera, gross.

anything with you involved is a soap opera. Mr. Melodramatics.

evidence?.... nevermind that, i rest your case for you. *pouts*

*victorious stance*

*sobs in the most dramatic of ways making a puddle of tears that you slip in*

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What would a handsome guy be doing on skype instead of the real thing?

duhhhh he enjoys naughty skype

Don't take that tone of thought with me young lady! He is a loser and probably not handsome!


that's my other account.......damn you ediez !

i expected more from you Peza! For shame!