How Many Licks Does It Take

I always lick my lady to a minimum of 1 great ****** before the main event. It is usually 2-3 and sometimes even more if she can take it. I usally get my ears pulled at some point. Not because I'm doing a bad job but it is because I have her so worked up, she needs something more than a couple of fingers in her sweet *****. My favorite is to start with her on her stomach, slowly kiss my way down to that fine ***. I then devour all of it, caressing, squeezing and licking those round globes. I love to rub my lips across them. Working my way down to those sweet lips and softly teasing them with my tongue untill I feel her pushing back against my face and her hips begin to raise. As long as everything is fresh, I tease her back door with my tongue as well. When I have her scuirming, I flip her over and go to town. Long slow licks with my tongue spread flat up and down that sweet slit and ****. Then lick on that **** and give her the first ****** that way. Then slip in a finger followed by a second. After some licks on her love button and several finger plunges, The fingers tiurn over and up to hit that "G" spot while i lick. One toe curling ****** this way and then back off just a little as she is sensative now. If my ears are still intact at this point, I combine the fingers in that pink hole, tongue on the **** and a wet finger slowly worked into the back door. This gives her a very intense ****** and usually results in near suffocation of me but I love every second of it. Whew....I am hard now writing this and picturing it in my mind!
indy7up indy7up
46-50, M
May 16, 2012