The Top Ten Transformers Moments

As I count down the hours and minutes to what may be the best movie of my lifetime, I'll count down my favorite moments from the original cartoon. This is Transformers at its best, Transformers as Goethe, Transformers as Greek myth, Transformers as Jesus!

TOP 10 Moments

10. AXE vs. BALL & CHAIN - In the very first episode (broken into 3 parts), Optimus with the golden axe duels Megatron with the shining purple chain! This is great not just b/c it was an epic, Roman gladiator style battle, but also because this duel is making a triumphant return in the new movie!!!
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9. Big Al's Adult Super Store - I'm not kidding here. The notorious landmark of San Francisco's red light district, Big Al's makes a splashy appearance in the episode "Enter the Nightbird," in which a female ninja robot wreaks havoc on the Golden Gate Bridge. A sign of a leggy blonde above the shop is destroyed in the process ...

8. Is that an Autobot, or is that just a Robotech knock-off? The Autobot Skyfire was no more than a rehashed Robotech, an anime robot/plane fighter. Ok, this was more of a toy issue than a cartoon issue as Skyfire was a lame character at best. But back then, it was as much about the toys as it was about the shows themselves. These were living and breathing toys, temples of boy geekdom, the foundation of fantasies that filled in the blanks between cartoons. The little fanboy in me could not be torn in such opposing directions.

7. "A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court" - when you throw together time travel, Knights, beautiful damsels in distress, a sorcerer, and huge ***-kicking robots, what's not to like?? Decepticons even helped humans fashion bombs out of good ol' fashioned goo.

6. GHOST of Starscream - In more than one episode, the Ghost of Starscream haunted Decepticons without mercy. It was like watching a bad soap opera take a turn for the more melodramatic, where the wicked ***** is back for one last throwdown.

5. Ascension of Galvatron - Megatron as Faust? Megatron deals with a higher power, Unicron, and is rewarded a new body, a new armada of minions, AND a new celebrity voice! (in the animated movie anyway) For a moment in the movie, Galvatron even hints at his own redemption, but then ... ok, well, Galvatron merely becomes a bloodthirsty psychopath for the rest of the show as we know it.

4. Constructicons! Merge for the kiiiiillllll - Prepare for ... DEVASTATOR. Small and whiney on their own, but giant GREEN-Yellow menace when put together. Another young fanboy fantasy, who wouldn't want to build ever bigger robots with ever more thundering voices.

3. DINObots - Alright, this is just unfair now, HASBRO! Transforming robots + DINOSAURS? Like leaving a horny teen in the Playboy Mansion Grotto.

2. Optimus the Matrix-wielding PIMP! The teenage Optimus, formerly Orion Pax, getting the action from an early age:

1. the RESURRECTION - need I say more?? Transformers channeling the Bible, providing the ultimate salvation for fanboys everywhere!!!!! Optimus Prime coming back to life, kicking some Plague ***, and saving the world. WOW
Countdown: 89 hours to go
My mood: cautiously optimistic ... oh what the hell, I CANNOT WAIT!
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Jun 29, 2007