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I know this group is "I will" but I didn't see any others that said "I have" so, I figured this was just as well.  I've been to two furry conventions, Midwest Furfest in '05 and Anthrocon '08.  I didn't do much there, got a couple comissions (got one from Dark Natasha both times!) and some other art while my friend was in Artist's Alley selling her art, lolz.  There's a lot more to do at conventions, but I mostly go for art.  And NOT ****, I might add.

Harui Harui
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3 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Oh dear me no, you do not have to wear a costume! XD In fact, I think only about 10% of furries wear suits, mostly because it's so expensive! Although you will see about 80% of people at 'cons have tails, ears, or other such accessories. I have wings and a tail, and it's fun to wear around, kinda makes you feel like you're more part of the "group." Also makes for easy species identification, hehe.<br />
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As far as "what goes on" I couldn't tell you a whole lot, since I just linger in the art areas. I know they have little seminar kind of things where you can learn about like, writing or facts about animals and things like that. Um, there's like dancing and general socializing... tons of stuff. When I went to AC last year, they had a Super Smash Bros tournament. XD I signed up for it, but then we went to dinner and forgot and I missed it. :( I wish I had my AC book around so I could go into more detail. But I bet if you look up names of 'cons on google, you can find their websites. The only ones I know are Midwest Furfest, Anthrocon, as those are the only ones I've been to. >.>

was it fun, i'm very curious as to what goes on. do you have to wear a costume?

I think furry culture is hilarious, but I have to admit to being intrigued...except I really don't want to hook up with strangers, I'd like to try it with a friend first.<br />
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I don't think I'm brave enough to go to a convention...but I'll have to see if any are near me..maybe I should just to see how it feels.