Watch Your Doctors

I say this because if you don't you might not get the help you really need. especially when you  need medical records faxed to another doctor. i tell you I even went to the office of both places met he medical record people and still 4 days later I call my  ear nose and throat doctor he is still waiting , so I had to call and have them do it now, you know that is really y bad especially if some one has a bad disease or double check everyone you have to, I found that William Beaumont hospital and doctors are not very good at it, The U of M in annarbor are way better, St johns in warren Michigan are good too , I think Beaumont better take a few courses on how to be decent to your patients I'm not the only one either who says this
GrannyGumps GrannyGumps
51-55, F
Aug 20, 2007