I really want to have 10 at once!!!! How fun would that be? :)

SherryCocklover SherryCocklover
18-21, F
7 Responses Feb 11, 2010

*** covered fun

Have you done this yet?

I want to be number 11, I love ******* girls that prefer black guys...

My favorite is an all POZ bareback gangraping with me taking all of them. I got ****** at the gay bathhouses hundreds of times and knew that I'd wind up getting aids. Now that I have aids I let groups of poz men **** me bareback and get off on shooting their poz loads right up my ***, its very submissive and humiliating.

That is sooo HOT!!

I would definitely want them to cumm in me! ;)

10 dudes? Wow. would you want them all to *** inside you or on you, or just see what happens and let it fly???

I can't tell about you, but if I was one of the 10 it will be definitely fun for me...