Sleeping With the Enemy

I have been in a couple of violent relationships that were both mentally and physically abusive. After seeking help through a local support group I began to understand alot about myself. The fact that this isnt my fault and that Im not alone. I gained alot of insight and knowledge and realize that abusers do not change. I now am able to implement a safety plan for myself as well as my children if need be.

Joining the group made me more aware that I had been following patterns all these years. Patterns that only I could break.

I set boundaries and expect them not to be taken lightly. This has been hard for me at times, but still I put them out there. Life isnt always pretty and easy but it is bittersweet. I have learned to respect myself as well as others on a more deeper level.

I also have learned empathy and understanding for women that do not leave their abusers. Currently I have made it a goal to spread nation wide awareness on Domestic Violence. To be caught in this vicious cycle, all seems helpless. But there is hope and its a free call.

I have just started a support group for anyone interested: please go to my profile and look under experiance I will help victims of domestic violence. Don't hesitate to contact me.

princess4ever01 princess4ever01
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1 Response Mar 31, 2009

I believe the first indicator of potential dv is lack of respect. When you set boundaries and they are laughed at or blatently ignored a big red flag is waving. Keep setting those boundaries, you deserve to be respected!