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Heroes Do Exist!

Believe it or not most people would leave someone to fend for themselves in the lion's den, to save their own skin or because they don't want to burden themselves.

If someone needs help, why not lend a hand? Even a few only takes a couple of seconds. The same favor will be returned to you by the law of good deeds (chuckles). What goes around comes around right?

When you're down I'll lift you up even if it's only a few inches, if I accomplished that much counts for something. Not all of the time will I have the power to help somebody to the point where...hocus pocus the dark cloud over their head poofs. Maybe a fraction just to swatt it aside for a while before it returns to rear it's ugly head, but I just don't have the power to make that kind alteration for ultimate positivity.

Eitherway I'll use all the weapons of the mind, heart and soul to fight your demons by your side when no one else will. It's the stuff heroes are made of to take on impossible challenges and come out victorious. If we fail then...we'll just use cheat codes to keep coming back and try again and again and again until the war is won because no battle is truly lost until you've surrendered in cold feet.

If you don't give up on me. I won't give up on you!

So let's kick some heads and make good changes yeah?

Onward to a brighter day, a better future and greater success.

Heroes do exist, even in people you wouldn't expect.

I will help you battle your depression.
Lushiro Lushiro 22-25, M 10 Responses Aug 12, 2012

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Inspiring. To bad not all of them are loyal afterwards, but still.. don't regret it and I would do it again.. still doing it.

Lovely words my friend. Love your attitude. :-)

Thank you Nigel :) Appreciate the kind words. :))

You're very welcome. You're a very good writer dude.

Haha thank you. I'd like to think so......

Wow,you are good.I have posted a similar story some time back.Having suffered from depression myself I can fully empathise with what others are feeling.We have a common agenda here,if you ever come across someone who is desperate and you have concerns for their well being please let me know and I will also make contact,two minds working for the same aim are better than one.

Empathy is a powerful gift. Yes that sounds great! I seem to be good at helping people, listening to their problems and digging to the core root of it and adding my insight and input on the subject at hand. I think I'd make a good therapist if I wanted to take that career...

Great post ... and great sentiments expressed therein ... well said!!

Thank you :)

*applause* =)

*bows* lol thanks Jester ;) *tosses steaming hot brownie* =P

lmao thankies! mwah!

Thank you

Welcome. :)

How did you get to be so wonderful? It takes many men their entire lives to be real, honourable, caring men. And you, so young, such a man already! I am honoured to be your friend. I admire you. I love your compassion, Lushiro! And your passion for life and for others. Another awesome young man....I have such hope for our futures with men like you in this world. *applause and puts my arm around you* Never stop being you, Lushiro. You are changing the world one step at a time....Kisses....

I don't know angel. I really don't know...but Jesus thanks for the words of kindness and encouragement....! hugs.

Well, I KNOW, Lushiro...Heroes deserve praise. They get so little in this world...Kisses...

You don't consider yourself a hero? You're an amazing woman yourself! Give your own self some credit too! :)

I have never thought about this, Lushiro. I have been called amazing. I do not boast. Thank you for your kindnesses. xoxo

Neither do I. I hate self-flattery it's condescension lol. We have been called many appreciative things but this doesn't mean we boast or rant about them, heroes don't do that, villains do ;) hugs

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Good words. Holds celery stick in hands menacingly... who do we save today

Lmao gonna feed the evil vegetarians? We shall cleanse...the hungry...with celery and peanut butter. :)

lovely ... thank you for inspiring us all :)

I just do...what I can to help. :)

you can talk to me anytime ... hugs

I know but you are usually very busy gathering world news haha. :) hugs back

Good stuff dude, awsome attitude.

Haha thanks Womble!