What Is the Best to Drink Befor Bed

 I have tryed water pop and lemon aid and juses but what is the best to make me wet

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I used to determine how good a night I'd had on whether I wet the bed when I was younger. If I'd been out drinking the night before and woke up to a wet bed I knew I'd had a good night.

two hours before bedtime drink two glasses of water or grape juice . if you feel the need to pee skip the bathroom on purpose .

You might try a little cranberry juice. It's the homeopathic solution to "bladder issues". I've found it makes my pee flow easier but unfortunately it wont outright make you wet yourself. Every little thing helps.

weaking up wet is fun I know I want to wet in my sleep my friends and family all belive i am a bedwetter I dont hide it from any one I been think of wearing all day to make it work faster

One thing I did learn while regressing s that if you drink excessively before bed it is harder to drift off to sleep. Better to just drink normally through the evening but skip the bathroom before bed. Most likely you will drift off to sleep and wake later needing to pee. That is the best time to practise just letting go as soon as you feel the slightest need to pee. The sooner you get to the stage where this become natural the sooner it will happen in your sleep.<br />
I occaisionally still sort of wake when needing to pee during the night but not often. Sometimes I vaugley remember starting to pee but the next thing I know it is morning and I wake up lovely and wet.

Beer works every time for me.