I Will Help You Become Incontinent

 I am a woman and like many of you , love to wet my pants, a diaper and my bed.  I know you all derive a lot of pleasure from this and many people express that they would like to become urinary incontinent.  I can help you.  

Several years ago I had a surgery where I had to wear a foley catheter for eightl weeks.  At first I hated it, but as time went on, realized how convenient it was.  I never woke up at night having to go to the bathroom, I could go out shopping, or out to dinner, never had to use a public restroom, long car trips became less complicated, and ******* were out of this world.  After it was removed, I couldn't wait to put another one in and so the fetish began.  I love ************ my urethra with it, it is the most erotic feeling I have ever experienced, and of course I also wear it for all the above mentioned reasons.  A French # 16 is what the average person can comfortably wear, so I kept pushing that envelope to a bigger and bigger size.  I regularly use a 24 or 26 now, but have just found a size 30 on line!  I can't wait for it to arrive! Meanwhile, to prepare my urethra for this huge new size, I have been taking the size 26 and slightly inflating the balloon end (which keeps it in your bladder)  It took a little experimenting, but I figured out what size I could make it and still insert it into my bladder.  This is my latest sexual joy.  I lie in bed on my back with my legs spread wide and just vigorously **** my urethra for as long as I can stand it.  This has also enabled me to have huge gushing ******* that shoot maybe 2 feet from my body.  The sexual  pleasure I get from this is almost indescribable.  Anyway, all this urethral abuse (done with extreme cleanliness and nearly sterile proceedure) has started to make me incontinent.  In less than a month, I have lost a lot of control.  I now regularly wet the bed in my sleep, go for a walk or a run, pee down my legs, etc.  I am so delighted about this, because now I can justify wearing the catheter or diapers all the time.  It is just wonderful!

If you decide to do this, you can order catheters on line, in many sites with no prescription.  I cannot emphasize enough however to use extreme caution with cleanliness.  If stretching your urethra is also a goal, this is a good place to start.  I saw a video on the internet of a woman having urethral sex with a man.  Her moans sound just like mine when I **********.  Ladies, this is an instance where a man with a small penis is really what you would want!

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hi iam a guy and love weting my self iam wearing a catheter right now and been doing what u said also how many times did u do it a day and I jus spent 30 min ******* my uretha with a fr 16 infleted to twice the size slideing it in and out my blader and half way out is this what u did let me know pl thanks dragonmike

Hi Mike,
Yes, I did what you are doing, plus I wore a catheter 24/7 for weeks at a time. Wearing the catheter keeps your bladder drained so it never has to stretch and flex, thus, the muscle begins to atrophy. Try going up in size with the catheters too. When I really lost control, it was when I was regularly wearing a Fr 30 which is HUGE!

Good luck! I have succeeded in becoming incontinent and I really love it!

hi thank so much for helping me I went from a 16 to a 20 todasy

Awesome! Doesn't it feel great??? Keep up the good work! Remember to keep everything clean. Enjoy!

yea the 20 feels so good I love it in do u think ill be incontent soon let me know how good iam doing iam wearing them with diapers because I love to wet diapers that's good right

it slid in real easy no problem I think iam stretching it good I read that a guys uretha is smaller then a gals so I think iam doing pretty good went from a fr 16 to a fr 20 in less then a week how u think iam doing last night I slide a half inch balone from my blader out all the way with a fr 16 is that good

can u tell me were u got the fr 30 from

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Hi Fireman,
Try Their prices are fair and they ship quickly.

Good luck and enjoy!

To start with is all u need is a starter kit? And what comes with this kit? Tray,calf,bag,cath,gloves? And price?

Hi Shelli,
The starter tray just has gloves, a luer tip syringe, a sterile cloth and betadine. You have to order your catheters and bags separately. I can't remember how much they cost, but I think under $10. Good luck and happy wetting! I am happy to answer any questions that I can.

Which Internet site is best for all items?

I like At Home Medical.

Just starting out...<br />
<br />
As far as loosing control with a catheter<br />
<br />
Can you remain using small catheters and still loose permanent control or must you go to larger catheters ??

Hi dd,
I don't really know if you can lose continence with a small cath. The thing about going larger, is it stretches out the sphincter muscle which I believe further weakens it. For one thing, the sphincter doesn't have to remember how to work as long as the cath is in, and if you have also stretched it during this time, it will just take that much longer to heal. I have truly compromised my continence and have become a habitual bed wetter which I am very proud of!

Good luck!

Hello, I was wondering...<br />
<br />
<br />
I just ordered my first catheters... To become incontinent. Must you go large ??<br />
I'd love to dribble all day.

Hi I'm Jacob I'm 13 and I want to get my dad to buy me diapers. I want to poop and **** myself as well as wet the bed. Plz help me

This activity sounds interesting - I hadn't heard of this until now - please add me as a friend so we can stay in touch. - Curious

Hi Bubba,<br />
I order mine from Good luck and enjoy!

Would like to know some of the sites that don't require presc<x>ription for the catheters

Wow Wetting Freak, <br />
You told your doctor that you are purposely trying to make yourself incontinent? And the doctor gave you some advice on how to do it? That is just so cool! If you use a new catheter each time and take extreme measures with cleanliness, you really reduce the chance of infection. And if you get one, just take antibiotics for a week and it's over. As for damage, if you use a Foley correctly, it shouldn't cause any damage-----except incontinence! And that's what you want, right? Good luck and enjoy!

Do you mean you self cath with a Foley baloon cath or can you retain an ISC cath. I am always in fear of infections I once got so ill I lost a stone in weight overnight, mostly water because The anti-biotics made me wretch. The hospital said I was to ill to take pills and had a drip fitted an saline. My right testicle would only just fit in my open hand.

can you email me some sites that require no persc<x>ription? I enjoy this as well and want to work my way up in size also. Thanks

Wow, how interesting! The thought of something in my urethra does not seem enjoyable to me, but it's fascinating that others would enjoy it. Awesome!

Good for you, Fr 18 is quite small, that size doesn't help me much with peeing. ch24 or 26 was much better. I can pee like a horse afterwards.

I self cath as well and have left it in as long as 2 weeks at a time and use a fr 18 to do so .After I take it out for about a week I have no control the doc said that if I was to change it out and put a fresh one in the day after and leave it in and do this for a 2 1/2 months it would almost be impossible to regain control with out a lot of retraining. My only fear is infection and damage that can cause a lot pain and suffering.I am now day time incontinent and working on night time.

I have been using a ch24 silicon, but have used a ch28 ouch! I could not keep it in for long and it made me sore and inflamed so that it was difficult to wee. I was however a bit leaky for a while after removing the ch24. think the ch28 was too much too soon. working up slowly is much more effective, at least for me. I have a very unstable bladder and it appears always have been like that, at least that what a very lovely woman Urologist who did all the tests on me said. I also have a constricted urethra so I have to use intermittant catherisation twice a week. I don't like doing it as I have had a lot of infections. I told my Dr I would rather wear nappies that use catheters, She was very ammused!<br />
Good luck and keep in touch, I would like to know how you get on.<br />
Regards Detruser

i used the caths, moving up the sizes was great fun, but no damamge to my blader yet

i have used a cath so many times i let it drain in to my diapers,. i have found a supplier that has just sent me 14 16 18 20 22fr caths, i have worked up to the 18fr so far. when i put the 18fr in today it was a little tight but felt amazing, i would very much like to lose contol of my bladder i have been a DL for years

could you email me @ and let me know where you get your caths? I am using a 14f self cath and want to work up in size using a foley cath to leave in all the time and drain into my diaper

Wow! What fun, how do I bookmark this page! hehe! ;-P

Hello khako and others.<br />
I have had a long experience with prostate,bladder and urethral problems. I will write my whole experience down in the near future. In the short term: I have a very unstable bladder Detruser instability) and a constricted urethra, and have to undertake intermittant self catheterisation twice a week in order to keep a reasonable flow. If I don't do this I end up with 200ml plus retained wolumn, wanting to pee mpst of the time and experience pain due to muscle strain right across the pelvic basin. I had the blabdder neck and partial prostate removal 10 years ago. Prostate problems started at age 42 which is very early and it was a year before the Dr's accepted I had a problem.<br />
I have have many infections as a result of intermittant catheterisation I am much happier with wearing Tena slips, Harmony or even terry nappies. Like Khako I wake 2 or 3 times a night but have been wearing a nappy for about seven years at night as I have great problems getting back to sleep one my feet have hit the floor, and am destroyed the next day even getting up once . I am still working but I am really desperate to go into nappies full time, or at the very least have no control at night. I told my Dr that I would rather wear nappies than use catheters, I think she thought I was joking. I had a Urethotomy in April last year which was OK at first with a stream like a pencil width, after three months it was like a pencil lead and I ofter had to sit in cas of peeing two streams 45 degrees apart. Needles to say I am really desperate to be completely incontinent so I can sleep and not use catheters. My wife is not impressed! the one thing I would really love is to have a female friend who is incontinent and that likes to have your nappy changed by me, or really much better changing each other. Best withes to all.

Yes, I think it will also work for males. I think the ************ part traumatizes the sphincters so that they are not very efficient for a while. Conversely, if you stop doing this, the body seems to heal itself and go back to normal. It really is a nice balance. I wore the # 30 cath for about a week, ************ vigorously with it several times a day, and for the next two weeks, I have had little or no control. This is when I love to sleep in a diaper, because I almost always wet in my sleep. In the daytime, the second I feel the urge to pee, I wet my pants-can't ever make it to the bathroom in time, so I just continue to wear the diaper, which I love. I would love to hear from other people who try this, to hear about your experiences.

I'm male an have done this some times, inserted a catheter and filled the ballon, then gently pulling it out. It hurts alot first times, and of course the pain. But i'm so turned ontis that I cant stop, i have almost lost my controll of holding back the pee. I'm wearing a Tena Maxi at my work, and feel the dribling with no controll of it. After some days the controll is comming back and i have to take new round with the cath. You first get an urge inco, the you lose some controll of it and then the controll slowly comming back, if you not tear off the spincther.

Do you think that this will also make a male incontinent?

I just finished ************ my urethra with my #30 catheter. OMG,<br />
it gives me such intense pleasure! I can still feel it for a couple of hours <br />
afterwards, what a delicious feeling. I am still staying with relatives, am beginning to look forward to going home so I can wear my catheter around the clock with my belly bag. Doodlebug, if you read this, please let me know<br />
about your progress. I was thinking maybe you didn't use enough lubricant.