Giggles the Avatar Fairy

I find it weird to have these groups without pics.  I find myself running around adding pics to a lot of groups.  I guess I'm the Avatar Fairy....(giggles)

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4 Responses Mar 25, 2009

lol * "Giggles the Clown".....guess I'm a half breed. I'll look around and see if I can find a couple of pics to merge for ya.

Right now, just a panda bear with possibly a crescent moon in the background for my avatar would FANTASTIC! I'm not even sure if there is an I love Pandas group yet? I may start one! Thanks for the help, Giggles. (I thought Giggles was a clown and fairies always had names like Cloverbreath or Fern Song. there are some fairies floating around on the site. I think they have a fairy circle somewhere. :) )

I can help you if you'd like. Do you want to change your profile avatar to a panda or is it a group experience like "I love panda bears? Whatever I can do I'd be happy to help.

What a wonderful idea and service!!! I have some great pix of pandas that I could choose from (none with moons tho :(), but I can't figure out to get them here! <br />
<br />
Any advice or tips? Or could you find a cute panda with a moon in the background?