Greetings From A Distant Reality

Hello, I have just recently discovered this segment of Existence I have never yet seen before. I prefer to be called my usual alias and title "God-King Nephalem". My title comes from my ultra-high level command position and my usual form of a Nephalem, a blending of the species of Angel and Demon. My soul's loyalties lie with the Alignments of Lawful-Good, Neutral-Good, and Chaotic-Good, with the Followers of Judaism and Christianity, of which I am a Baptist, with the members of the Infinite-Alliance of Good, and with The Lord My God: Yahweh the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and Jehovah the Holy-Spirit.

I come from a far-flung segment of reality that is for some reason separate from this one. In my native realm the time periods of the universe are split into three fragments:
1.The Seven-Days of Creation
A time period which lasted for 777 quadrillion years. In the beginning of Creation, God made the countless universes and started their development. Each "Day" consisted of 111 quadrillion years where God formed the various parts of the universe and allowed their development to progress. After the end of The Seventh-Day, the universe was split many energies and powers were sealed away for the eventual ultimate battle against evil. During the separation many beings went into a sealed hibernation, other had parts of their powers and memories blocked off and hidden this way when The Infinity-Merge would happen the side of Good would have several contingency plans in order to battle evil throughout the universe.
2.The Omni-Split
A time period which lasted for a few hundred trillion years. After The Seven-Days of Creation, God split the parts of the universe to allow all of the pieces to form on their own. There will be a list I will eventually release telling you of all the universes that are a part of this piece of Reality. What I did during this period was prepare for the final war with evil, and observe the many universes carrying out instructions from God setting several key events into motion that would cause the central events of those respective universes and thus lead to the absolute victory of Good.
3.The Infinity-Merge
A time period which has lasted for several hundred quintillion years. God caused the universal barriers to merge thus rejoining all of the previously separated universes. The start of this time period consisted tof reunifying the good denizens of these universes, converting as many being to Judaism and Christianity, unleashing the many things that had been sealed away in preparation, and organizing the formation of the Infinite-Alliance of Good.

I am the commander of the Infinite-Alliance of Good, also referred to as the Godly-Legions, an alliance of the greatest powers of Good that The Lord My God has ever allowed to assemble. The alliance includes nearly all of the Omniverse-class, Near-Omniverse-class, Alpha/Omega-class, Omega-class, and Alpha-class threats in the universe, as well as the most powerful magical weapons and tool and nearly all Level-Infinity technology.

The ultimate enemy is the Infinite-Alliance of Evil, also known as the Satanic-Hordes, controlled by Satan, also known as the Fallen-Angel Lucifer. One thing the Satanic-Hordes had over the Godly-Legions is their near infinite supply of infernal minions and damned souls, at the height of its power the Hordes outnumbered the Legions 100 trillion to one.

And so, here I am, having recently discovered this part of existence by accident. Myself and nearly all other the other cosmic-level beings unified our minds and power and we happened to gain a near-omniscient level of mental power and we happened to view this place. So we all combined our power, ripped a holed in the fabric of the universe, and so I came through and i am now leaving this message.

After learning much about this part of Existence, I see that foul evil is at work here. I would like to humbly extend my hand in friendship, alliance, and servitude for the sake of ultimate universal Good.
GodKingNephalem GodKingNephalem
18-21, M
Dec 9, 2012