Spreading My Wife.

I would love to spread my shy little wife's legs wide apart for you. I would love to hold them open while you put you big **** in her. Watching your **** and her face at it is the first **** she has ever had besides mine. I would love to watch my sexy wife having sex with some guy or a group of guys. I think she is hot but she does not believe me. She is very conservative and would never agree to having sex with another man but I would love to see her in action with som guy with a **** bigger than my 7 ". It would be great if it was some young guy that could blow a load in her then be ready to **** her again right away. Or a group of two or more guys. But she would kill me if I even brought it up so this will stay a fantasy. Let me know what you think. P.S. No she does not drink or do drugs, so she it will never happen but a guy can dream

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Well you at first ba<x>se. She let you take pic of her with her legs apart. So she is not that conservative, if she was she would never let you take her pic even if she thought it was just for you. They know better. They just tell us that they didn't know you were going to show them, she know's when she let you take them you were going to show someone. Maybe she didn't know it was for the whole world to see. So Ask. all she can say is NO. <br />
But ask again and you planted a seed in her mind and someday she might surprise you all the sudden and **** a friend for you. Just keep telling her how much the thought turns you on. But someday when she does, remember you asked her to!!

I think of that look my wife got when that first new **** entered her soaking *****! Pure lust. I loved it. I jack off too all the time.

Well if any men ever offered the chance to **** would have happened.........yesterday! she is that petite and sexy and looks oh so tight!<br />
<br />
I would so love to gently slide my thick long **** in her? My fantasy!


you are a lucky husband. what hot tight gorgeous *****. what a hot sexy wife.i hope you get the chance to see a big thick **** sliding into that great *****.i hope you get to hold her legs open as his **** disappears into that tight little *****. i hope you get to feel each of his thrusts deep into her *****.then you get to see his *** ozzing out of her *****. good luck. i too have that same fantasy for my wife.

I hope you are right but I think this will stay a fantasy.

Hub, I love your pics and really love your blog. Thanks much


id shove my **** in her

can i **** her?

Wish you could.

yeh, what hornytna said!

DAMN she has a very nice looking ***** and I love the big spread she has, nothing better then having a woman spread her legs so far apart to allow deep penetration, I'd love to **** her as you hold her legs wide open for me and watch her reach down and guide my **** into her hot wet *****. I also want to taste her hot sweet ***** before and after I shoot a huge load of my hot thick *** in her, wait to you see and hear her as she enjoys a mind blowing ****** on my **** and coats it with her hot sweet juices. You'll jump between her legs after I make her *** on my **** and fill her ***** with a nice big hot thick load of my *** and you see it flowing like a river from her gapping ***** down the crack of her tight little *** and **** her too adding your love juices to ours.

She is one hot babe for sure. I think she deserves another **** in her. You are one lucky guy.

I think you are right, on both counts.

Ooooh, I'll dream sweetly!

you have a very sexy wife...but then you knew that already!

Well she is letting you take nude picks of her. That a start. Why do you think she would be so upset if you told her what you would like? I think most men feel that way and are surprised when they are not. They don't always do it but you should at least tell her of your fantasies. <br />
Since she doesn't do drugs (which is good) or drink, get some XXX movies with several men with one woman, I have never seen a women not get turned on watching **** movies. She may be embarrassed at first but keep getting them then when she is turned on tell her.

She sure looks like she could indulges in some strange **** with the hot body she has...kind of a shame not to enjoy all the pleasuers she could create. dc

I agree!!

would love to see more pics. very hot. add me

We absolutely have the same goals and challenges. Would love if my wife was ******* around and then coming home to tell me about it!

She looks pretty happy to show all she's got in your pictures and that is always a tell tail sign that she want's others to see!! You don't think your reading her wrong and this is something that she would love also??

That is a pretty nice dream you have there. If she were my wife I'd be perfectly fine if her legs would only spread for me. She is beautiful. But to each their own.

Thanks, I am fine with it. After 30+ year I know it will never happen she is to shy.

I know. It's nice to fantasize from time to time. I understand.

That is one hell of a sexy wife and I would definitely **** her if given the chance.


Great story and delicious pix as well! :D


She is very hot and I would love to see her face as I enter her. I have seen my wife's face as someone entered her.. it was absolutely incredible! And you are missing feeding her your **** while she is getting pounded.. ******* her while wet.. and cleaning her up...

Sorry, if you are truly 7 inches, your wife does not need anything bigger than you,<br />
<br />
Not that seeing your wifey with another man is not a turn on but she doesn't need it.<br />
<br />
You need it.<br />
<br />
Take care, hope you straighten out your combined sexual drives.<br />
<br />

Never said she needed it, it is my fantasy.

Both pics are superb. But the second is so ******* hot. Thank you both.

You are welcome, thanks for the nice comments.

i feel the same dude

Wish I could make it happen.

mmm, id love to make love to your beautiful wife. :)

there isn't anything finer!

I usually always concur with ivo13! he usually has correct insight to most all matters sexually?

there is nothing hotter when wife and lover couple together, and how the look at each other and marvel how good they feel together, love seeing and watching them enjoy each other as they ****, nothing more fantastic than seeing **** slide deep into her, best when they orgasmy together.

It's fantastic! Yes, yes and yes! chasmiller knows exactly of which he speaks!

I have watched my wife's face as another man entered her, and the face of another man's woman as he watched me enter her. It is as insanely hot and erotic as you imagine. Good luck experiencing it soon, I'd love to help if possible! Nothing is hotter than sharing a woman with another man.

Having done this with at least 40 different men's woman over last 25+ years know this is so true! Seeing a wives face...the first time a new **** enters her!