I'd Love To Do It :)

I have absolutely no idea on how big i should make it... any suggestions? big? small? tiny? MASSIVE? i'd love to make it the size of a continent if there was't any health risks but we all know thats not possible... sucks really :( but at the moment it sits between 35 and 36 inches and swells up and down depending on what im eating or drinking.. [especially with coke, i inflate like a balloon :) ]
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5 Responses Aug 10, 2010


How tall are you hxtp? I am short 5'3" and trying to get back up to 275 myself. My goals are bigger of course. I am 266.3 today a nice 2 pound gain in about 6 days. I'm finally starting to feel fatter. My fat is wiggling and bouncing more and feels great. Maybe when you get to 300 you will feel so much bigger :) I think i will too :) Keep up the good work and check in on all these wonderful stories so we can all keep track :) xox

I finally made it up to 275 pounds. Why doesn't that seem big enough to me? I'd like to get much bigger. I guess I thought that at 275 I'd feel huge, but I don't.

When u r done with thoughs wonderful dreams find a feeder to fatten u up as my boyfriend did! He feeds me all the time and when I'm full gives me a belly rub stuffs me more plays with my belly then puts me to sleep. Cause after a huge meal n sleeping it becomes fat! He likes watching me grow fatter! Comment my stories love it and fat(:

Do whatever makes you happy! Ive been on/off gaining for years. If I feel uncomfortable with my size I drop a few lbs.....At the moment I'm gaining....up to 275lbs. <br />
I too love bloating up with coke and overeating. Its such an amazing feeling.<br />
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I wish you all the best