Evolving Belly

this is the farthest my belly has reached when I stand out. My belly hangs like never before now. My belly size and my weight and BMI and body percentage and stuff is telling me I'v already reached overweight. And I'm still 13. Which means I still have  time to make it bigger. And I'm barely even trying to make it bigger, I'm just eating and barely thinking about making it super large. And its getting larger. When I stand the size of my that belly is the same as when I sit years ago. So when I was younger, I was fed with this cereal thing that made me kind of like overweight or obese or almost obese as a child. And then after a few years when I didn't take that cereal thing, I became thinner by comparison. I started hating my belly, so my belly size decreased. And then I started liking my belly. So after years of slowly losing pounds, I regained them. And now it gets bigger and bigger. and then i'll probably lose it then get it back again, and then really start eating and gaining.

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1 Response May 20, 2012

Ok. Thanks for sharing this!