Belly Bigger

My belly is currently about 58 inches around which is almost bigger around than I am tall. I am 5'2 and 253 lbs. I hope my belly becomes bigger-turns me on so much. Most of my weight goes into my belly.
obeseliz obeseliz
26-30, F
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I wish we lived close so I could feed your to 300 and even 400 pounds! :-)

My waist is only 40in

At how tall?


I am 5'2 and now 63 inches around

Wow, I should be like ten inches shorter I think to look fatter 😝

I am biggwr arouns than tall

That's amazing

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Liz you're positively OPULENT! Your dimensions and growth excite me tremendously.

I bet it excites her even more!

Lol I'm 5'1 nice waist

May your belly reach 80"!

You must have an exceedingly fat and sexy belly, Liz. How I wish I could admire it!

Sounds like you have a big, beautiful belly to me. Make it as big as you want!

There's nothing hotter or more desireable than a huge fatty with an enormous, protruding, sagging gut who loves nothing more than stuffing it past full & growing it even fatter! :)

I hope that can be me even more soon.

It can!

Sounds like a lovely belly. ;)

aw, shucks, thanks. Your picture is handsome.

I am sure that a larger belly would be lovelier. ;)