I remember when I first met the lush. She was no good. lol
I know how alot of people can have love for you. Your just too beautiful. And its mostly the beauty withinn you do you see it?. If you could see what I see through my eyes you'd never doubt.

This batz a strong one. A loving one thats broken but beautiful still. Always beautiful.
Kinda tough... Kinnda lmao but really a succker softey.

Clever, your really cleaver too clever even. Wise beyond reasonable doubt.
Whatever imperfections you believe you have Vivi id imagine them to be beautiful.

We all hide behind our own maskz right? But beneath it its only ever beauty.
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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

well put....

lmao no one would believe you!

awww thanks fukker. *hugs* Now stop telling people im a softy before i kick ur ***