Nothing Is Set In Stone.

me and her have been through so much drama maybe it would be for the best that we do the other one a favor and let them go, you know? do one kind act for each other and our selves but i dont know exactly where we are right now, i do know i love her. and even if one day, which is very possible, that one day we wont be friends anymore, i will never regret anything, i will never regret her, the past is the past, the future is unknown and the present is a gift, that is why they call it present. i know, lol resiting Kung Fu Panda lol.

i just hope that when time if we ever do grow apart, i hope its not over drama, or pain, or anything, but just something that happens. where there is not tears, or pain, or sadness or hurt feelings. i wish for if that ever comes, its gentle, and sweet, if it one day ends, i hope it ends the way it began. we met and it sweetly grew, and was so natural for us to get close, not hard at all to love someone like B. i hope if we ever have to say good bye, its just as sweet, and gentle and natural as when we bonded, no tears..

i love you B.

well... no one laughed at my genitals so i fix them back. soo i guess no one thought it was funneh.
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4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

lmao! damn, i want popcorn now

=) i like that saying too.

*hugs* i love you too babes.

:( Aww that's sad and so sweet. I hope you two can work through it and stay strong friends through out.