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*Makes A Massive Sign Board To Support The Fanclub*

Whoop-whoop! Of course I have to join her fanclub! Even if MrsLalaninjacakes didn’t want me to join I would! She’s just way too awesome not to be admired. =]

Us girls can look up to her as a role model in the section of se… seduction! Where’d us chicks be if she wasn’t here to teach us about the importance of cakes? =P

Dudes, she even lends her HIGH high-heels to me to kick Floydian’s butt! Who else would trust me with their treasured footwear? ;)

She’s made a great contribution to EP and not only to the site, but to the people behind each avatar who have been privileged enough to know her. She can be so funny and make me laugh my head off and be smiling and giggling, other times I feel like I need to look away from an extremely intense post which (I’m pretty sure) is all for MrLalaninjacakes, then I’m glad I’m not an enemy of hers (or I hope so) after some stories and many times she’ll say something that’ll make me think deeper. She doesn’t pretend to be perfect and whatever flaws someone may see, I know they make her beautiful.

Miki, you are an amazingly beautiful person: inside and out!
Floydess Floydess 18-21, F May 30, 2011

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