Saving Hugs

What do we do when we want to hug someone who is away from us? Is it bad to accumulate hugs within us? I don’t think so, because we will keep hugs in a special place, with their name written in big letters. In every saved hugs, I put drops of tenderness. And then I wonder if I will be able to give all those accumulated hugs at once? At the moment, In my mind, I will just pretend to hug them till they get here. But when I really think about it, there are a thousand ways to show affection even from afar, words stroke a heart that could be tight.  A poem, a rhyme, a gesture or even a quote that doesn’t need not be ours. If it's done with love and sincerity, then anyone will be happy to welcome it. 
Over time, we learn that words also have the power to hold in the most needed moments, times of panic that people could be. You are probably asking, and the hugs what am I gonna do with them? I save them for the right moment, and I know it will come. Now, I make my words create arms that brings my heart to theirs, making a loop full of love and affection which I call a tender hug.
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4 Responses Mar 29, 2012

You're right. The power of words is a marvelous way to send our heart feeling to our friends..

((((HUGS)))). :)

Hear are a few more hugs to store for a rainy day. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}

Between You & Me... I squish you!