I Guess Last Weeks Fires Where Not So Important For The News ( April 20 - 26, 2011)

Last week ... April Wednesday 20 ... (About this Time ... (???) Uncertain exactly ... ) Since the Year: 2011. (This World I noticed these days don't care for Geography when I want the News any more. And are willing to offer and give ... The What? Where? and When? Stuff in a more noticeable way.  And Time and Date Markers to these such things.) Every Time I want to know the ... What? Where? and When? I'm lost to just something happening. But the What? Where? and When is eluding me more and more in the News! And making me ...  ... Angry!

And getting me ... "Angry"! ..  ..

But by April Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 ... April in the Year of: 2011. Right Now I keep flickering through News Channels in Mute. I am not watching these News Channels with total vigilance, but do keep it on my side line to try to glance at the News periodically. And then I see some Fire Scenes in Mute (Silence). As soon as I try to bring the Volume Sound Up and Focus in. End of Story and I am tuning in just in Time for the repetitive bullshit Crap again and other News that I already seen, being Repeated. I then wait in the next Hour with a bit more vigilance to see if the Fire Scene's gets Repeated. But No. It never is on again. And I wanted to know what these Fire Scenes where on and about ... What? When? and Where? 

Up to now, I still don't now. While my day is Annoying and Aggravating me yet even more with this Evil of things going on in the World.

I got a Cynical thought while I was looking on my TV in Mute and Saw this ... Insurance Commercial about this Man and his Fire Gun shooting at a Giant Lint Ball and making it burn in Fire and Flames.

"Oh?!     That was me back then just seeing these Commercials, and that Duracell Batteries with the Fire Department ...

...   ... I'm Angry at the Moment and the Cynical Thoughts come to me ... And Makes Me Laugh! at this same time I am Angry"
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2 Responses Apr 29, 2011

This has been an example that Patience doesn't solve anything. Plus the Commercial's was nothing more than a funny thought as a thought, but not the real issue. They still have not come back with what caused the Fires I was seeing in the News. This News just got abandoned. And I'm frustrated that I can't get it.

You need to be more patient, whenever you feel angry imagine the sea waves are infront of you very high and you`re trying to breathe deeply as the waves shorten and the sea returns peacefully silent.