Finally Found A Way.. Brazilian Portuguese Atreading Last!

 Well, i started-out like everyone else: browsing the free content online, portuguese textbooks, pimsleur, roseta stone ETC... USELESS! All were either super boring or UNmemorable. I am a self-learner and really wanted to go at this on my own but, watching someone on youtube explain a language just doesn't really sink in. The books well... no comment (i hate reading). The pimsleur series was decent though pretty outdated. Rosetta Stone is just plain insanely bad.  The 2 things that DID IT FOR ME were 1) renat movies in portuguese and watch with AND then without the subtitles, 2) -- some GREAT video lessons that are on DVD and iPod as well. These are addictive as hell and not boring to watch! Thanks semantica!



raquel2009 raquel2009
22-25, F
Dec 4, 2009